Strategic Objectives

Enhanced Energy’s strategic focus is to capitalize on its primary asset, the large reservoir of CO2 gas in its Clark Valley Unit, as a starting point to provide a source of natural CO2 gas to facilitate CO2 EOR projects throughout its home state in Utah, and then expand its operations into New Mexico, Colorado, and Wyoming to create a multi-state network of pipeline interconnected oil fields where dozens of CO2 EOR projects will be undertaken. In addition, Enhanced Energy will work with industrial processing plant owners and power plant operators to capture CO2 gas that is currently being vented into the atmosphere, and then inject that gas into its pipeline network to provide for a continuous supply of additional CO2 gas to be used for its EOR injection projects. Enhanced Energy will also continue to explore and drill new CO2 gas wells to recover additional CO2 gas from natural sources to be developed in acreage that the Company will acquire the rights to over time.

While the Company’s CO2 gas reserves in its Clark Valley Unit are substantial, and which may represent one of the largest reservoirs of CO2 gas west of the Rockies, the Company also intends to identify and develop additional natural CO2 gas sources over time through its exploration and mineral right acquisition programs. Those programs, coupled with the Company’s efforts to secure supplies of anthropogenic CO2 gas from a variety of industrial sources including natural gas processing plants, coal synfuel plants, ethanol plants, ammonia/fertilizer plants, and power generation plants, should provide it with an ongoing supply of CO2 gas to utilize in CO2 EOR projects for decades to come.