The Company

Enhanced Energy identifies, acquires, and develops properties, projects, and carbon-based gas resources that focus on enhanced oil recovery with significant growth potential through the use of oil field stimulation primarily by CO2 gas injection.

The Company’s first major strategic acquisition was the
Clark Valley Unit, located about 10 miles southeast of the town of Price, Utah. The Clark Valley Unit comprises approximately 13,300 acres, and is part of the Farnham Dome, a large north-south trending anticline geologic structure approximately 4 miles long and 3 miles wide. The Farnham Dome was discovered in 1924 by the Utah Oil Refining Company, and subsequent explorations of the Farnham Dome have verified that it contains significant quantities of CO2 gas.

Enhanced Energy has acquired the lease rights to the minerals in the CVU, and the Company will be utilizing the large CO2 gas reservoir there as its initial source of CO2 gas that will be used for a variety of EOR projects.